Jeon Somi changes her makeup and style for each music show due to this reason

Soloist and former I.O.I member Jeon Somi discloses that her makeup and style are adjusted for each music show.

On the August 2nd episode of the MBC entertainment show “Radio Star”, Jeon Somi made a guest appearance. Here, the female idol discusses the different Korean music shows, saying, “The lighting on each music show is different. I adjust my outfits and change my in accordance with each broadcasting station.”

jeon somi

According to Jeon Somi, since “M Countdown” has dark blue lighting, she minimizes shading. Meanwhile, “Music Core” has a bright and flashy atmosphere, almost like a cartoon, so she wears heavier makeup and princess-like clothes. 

The female idol went on to mention, “Inkigayo has high saturation. Therefore, I wear black clothes to stand out,” adding, “I tend to do crude ending poses. The music show production teams encourage us to do whatever we want and record the ending poses for a long time.”

jeon somi

Jeon Somi also mentioned that since fans often create GIFs from the ending pose footage, artists would try to look pretty during this part. However, she does various poses for the ending instead. 

On the other hand, Jeon Somi will release her new EP “Game Plan” digitally on August 7th. The physical album, meanwhile, will be available starting from August 14th. 

Source: Daum

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