DC Inside BLACKPINK Gallery released an official statement regarding the controversy over “complaint calls to Lee Han-yeol Memorial Museum”

The aftermath surrounding “Snowdrop” is fierce.

 DC Inside BLACKPINK Gallery

While opinions are divided within BLACKPINK‘s fanclub, the DC Inside BLACKPINK Gallery has announced their position on Dec 22nd.

The statement began with “We are clarifying our position to correct the false information that has been circulated recently”. The DC Inside BLACKPINK Gallery explained, “The article ‘Let’s make a complaint call to Lee Han-yeol Memorial Museum’ was originally written by an anonymous user in the ‘Snowdrop’ mini-gallery, not the BLACKPINK Gallery. The article was immediately deleted by the ‘Snowdrop’ mini-gallery manager, but someone captured and circulated it with the content that ‘BLACKPINK fans made complaint calls to protest’.”

They expressed their discomfort, “It is clearly false that the BLACKPINK Gallery made complaint calls, and fans have never presented an opinion about the protest call.”

They emphasized, “DC Inside Gallery is an anonymous community, so anyone can write articles without signing up. That’s why even in a gallery where fans gather, non-fans can also upload posts with a malicious mind at any time. In conclusion, it is unknown whether an anonymous user, who cannot be determined as a BLACKPINK fan, actually called Lee Han-yeol Memorial Museum.” They concluded the statement by saying, “We ask you to refrain from further criticism of this fictional issue.”


The fan gallery’s statement is interpreted as, while JTBC drama “Snowdrop” began broadcasting despite controversy over history distortion and is facing a headwind, the report that some BLACKPINK fans called the “Lee Han-yeol Memorial Project” to complain is reportedly true.

When this statement came out, gallery members are actively expressing their opinions, such as commenting “I agree” or expressing their uncomfortable views that they do not know why such issues related to the drama should emerge like this.

Meanwhile, “Snowdrop” was at the center of the issue as a petition for its suspension of broadcasting came up on the Blue House’s petition site a day after its first broadcast last weekend. JTBC has announced its position to push ahead with the broadcast on Dec 21st, but public criticism is intensifying.


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