Actor Jeon Jong-seo and Director Lee Chung-hyun’s Dating Scene Caught on Camera on Seong Hae-eun’s YouTube Channel  and Goes Viral

Seong Hae-eun accidentally revealed dating scene of Jeon Jong-seo and Director Lee Chung-hyun

On the 5th, an article titled “Jeon Jong-seo and director Lee Chung-hyun captured on Seong Hae-eun’s YouTube channel” was posted on the online community ‘Theqoo’.

The article contains captured footage from a vlog video uploaded by Seong Hae-eun on her YouTube channel.

Sung Hae Eun

On this day, Seong Hae-eun visited a dog cafe with her dog in comfortable clothes. She enjoyed her time playing with her dog on the grassy field and relaxing. While filming the video, a couple was caught in the background behind Seong Hae-eun, and netizens showed a heated response by identifying them as the couple consisting of Jeon Jong-seo and Lee Chung-hyun.

Jeon Jong-seo and Lee Chung-hyun sat crouched in a corner of the grassy area, looking at the jumping dogs with content smiles. They also looked towards the camera with a curious expression, catching the attention of viewers.

Sung Hae Eun
Sung Hae Eun

Netizens who came across the unexpected appearance of Jeon Jong-seo and director Lee Chung-hyun reacted warmly on “Theqoo” forum, saying “They are so cute. What kind of coincidence is this?” “Why is this couple so adorable?” “Oh, why are they acting like that? They’re so cute together in love.” “That couple looks great together,” “Wow, it’s a real coincidence,” and so on.

Sung Hae Eun

According to the article, Jeon Jong-seo and Lee Chung-hyun have maintained a good relationship since the movie “Call” and developed a romantic relationship in 2021. The two have recently confidently shared sweet couple posts on social media, arousing envy from fans.

Meanwhile, Seong Hae-eun gained popularity in the Tving drama “Hwanseungui Yeonae 2” with her innocent charm. She became the final couple with Jeong Hyeon-gyu on the show and they have continued their relationship even after the show ended.

Source: wikitree

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