“Shocking D-line exposure”… Jeon Hye-bin, Kim Young-hee, Honey Lee and Rihanna showcase unconventional maternity fashion

Pregnant celebrities are showing unconventional fashion unlike before. Exposure is basic, and it is so bold that you do not even think they are pregnant.

Actress Jeon Hye-bin showed bold maternity fashion during her pregnancy, from mini dresses, swimsuits, bikinis to tight dresses. On August 16th, she released several photos of her going to a gallery while wearing a black mini dress.

On August 19th, she posted some photos of her wearing a mini dress with the caption “It’s a day when I saw a lot of beautiful things and set jewels in my heart.” In particular, during her prenatal trip to Hawaii in June, she proudly unveiled her D-line in a bikini and long-sleeved monokini.

Kim Young-hee not only took a maternity photo shoot while pregnant but also drew attention with her impressive fashion at the blue carpet event at the opening ceremony of the 10th Busan International Comedy Festival held at the Busan Haeundae-gu Film Hall on August 19th.

On that day, Kim Young-hee boasted her all-black fashion with a black see-through dress and a leather jacket. In particular, Kim Young-hee wore a tank top, short pants, a see-through dress and surprised everyone by exposing her full-term belly as well as beautiful legs.

Previously, Kim Young-hee also became a hot topic for her unconventional full-term pictorial. Last month, she released a maternity pictorial on her own SNS, which was a parody of pop star Rihanna’s pictures.

She revealed pictorial photos and said, “I wanted to take maternity photos like Rihanna after I had Hilton (fetus name). Thank you Seung-yeol for liking everything I want to do and doing it with me.

Honey Lee also attracted a lot of attention with her special maternity photo. She shows off her beautiful lines through crop tees and low-rise pants, which are hot items in the spring of 2022.

In an interview, Lee Ha-nui said, “I wanted to show that women’s bodies are this miraculous. At the same time, I wanted a new direction that isn’t typically seen. I started with getting rid of that fixed perspective of a given role. I mean stuff like how pregnant women can wear what they want and view themselves as sexy.”

Previously, most of pregnancy photos were covered or slightly exposed, but recently, like Kim Young-hee and Lee Ha-nui, they proudly reveal their pregnant belly and show off their beautiful pregnant appearance. 

Source: daum

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