Jennie’s Playful Side on Full Display in Berlin

BLACKPINK member Jennie showed off her cuteness in Berlin.

Recently, a video titled “European World Tour Vlog” was uploaded to Jennie’s official YouTube channel, “Jennierubyjane Official.”

In the video, Jennie visited Berlin during Blackpink’s world tour, “BORN PINK.” Jennie’s appearance, wearing a beanie and a thick winter jacket, exuded a wintry atmosphere. As she walked along the street, it seemed like Jennie was enjoying some food, as puffs of breath could be seen escaping her mouth.

Later, Jennie went to ride a sleigh. The adorable sight of Jennie pulling a sled bigger than herself was captured on camera. Jennie joyfully screamed like a child while riding the sled down, saying, “It doesn’t look scary from far away, but it’s actually really fast,” as the caption represented her excitement.

Next, Jennie headed to an indoor playground. She jumped on a trampoline and laughed while covering her face, saying, “I’m so embarrassed,” after failing to make a shot at the basketball hoop. Additionally, Jennie enjoyed various playground equipment, such as stepping stones, a rope bridge fight(?), and rock climbing.

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