Jennie (BLACKPINK) is under fire for her “unenthusiastic” performances in the Hong Kong’s concert night 

Her performance is drawing mixed reactions from the spectators. 

Jennie (BLACKPINK) once again became the talk of the town in the new Hong Kong concert where the audience recorded a “superficial” and “enthusiastic” expression in her performances. The said expression received mixed reactions from the concert-goers. 

The alleged issue became a hot topic on Weibo with nearly 1 billion views and the recorded clip achieved 13 million views and 1.2 million likes. A group of audience members even showed extreme reactions on the main rapper’s personal SNS. 

A notable response expressed that while Jennie’s performances were under criticism in Europe and Thailand for her dancing skills, the idol had not improved her dancing moves since then. 

However, fans are showing their reactions against the sudden surge of hates, calling that the anti-fans are making a big deal of the situation and that YG should take serious measures to put an end to it. 

Previously, according to Top Star News, BLACKPINK received backlash for making errors in their choreography during their tour across North America in 2021. Jennie was said to have made many “mistakes” for allegedly forgetting the dance routines. 

Specifically, the singer was reported to have lost balance and fell back in one of the performances. Moreover, the spectators claimed the members “lacked synchronization,” whipping up a lengthy controversy about BLACKPINK’s preparation and attitude in their concerts.

Source: Zing

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