Jay Park spotted at the scene of the controversial Gucci afterparty, “He sang ‘MOMMAE’. That’s why it was so noisy”

Amid the controversy over Gucci afterparty causing inconvenience to nearby residents, videos of Jay Park at the event were released.

Gucci held an afterparty after holding the 2024 Cruise Fashion Show at Geongbokgung Palace in Jongno-gu, Seoul on May 16th.


The afterparty continued until midnight and caused inconvenience to citizens living nearby. It became a controversy as many people reported to the police, complaining of noise pollution.

Among the videos related to this issue, the ones showing Park Jae Beom (Jay Park) singing “MOMMAE” at Gucci afterparty drew the most attention in online communities. In particular, Jay Park took off his shirt and sang “MOMMAE”, and the people around were cheering loudly.


A netizen who complained about noise disturbances commented, “There were sexy girls and he was singing ‘MOMMAE’. That’s why it was so noisy”, further fueling the controversy and making more people frown over videos of Jay Park.

Meanwhile, many celebrities, such as Jay Park, IU, NewJeans Hanni, aespa Winter, actor Lee Jung Jae, etc., reportedly attended the Gucci afterparty.

Source: Nate

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