Japanese mothers on Mom Cafes are trying to prevent their children from becoming BTS fans with “anti-Korean education” 

World-class boy group BTS is shaking the Billboard chart with their new album “Proof”. While their popularity has not cooled down, their fanclub ARMY is also expanding in Japan.

Some Japanese mothers who are users of Mom Cafe (an online community) are worrying that their children will become BTS fans. A Japanese netizen A left a message on Mom Cafe under the title “How to prevent a child from falling in love with BTS or Korean culture”.

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A confessed her worries, saying “My daughter is not interested in celebrities yet, but what are the ways to prevent her from falling for Korean idols in the future?”

She added, “If she becomes interested in Japanese female idols, it doesn’t matter to me. But I will hate it a lot if she likes Koreans. It is because I also hate them so much.”


In response to this post, Intenet users commented, “BTS will enlist in the military soon anyway then K-pop will become less popular”, “Why don’t you show her some beautiful faces of white celebrities? That’s what I did”, etc. Some even recommended providing “anti-Korean education” for children and trying to make them hate Koreans in advance.


One netizen shocked everyone as she said, “If you continue to show your child animations and make her become an otaku, she won’t become interested in Koreans”.

Source: insight

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