Jang Wonyoung eats dinner for 3 hours in “French style”, the secret behind her perfect figure?

IVE member Jang Wonyoung has revealed her unique eating habits, which is comparable to people in France.

On April 22nd, the web variety show “Idol Human Theater” released a new video featuring IVE.

In the video, IVE can be seen gathering in the practice room, saying, “We have to plan our practice schedule for the day”. Then, when asked by the production team if they usually make a schedule, leader Ahn Yujin answered, “Everyday, we ponder about how we should live our lives. We plan from the start to the end in perfection.”

Afterwards, Ahn Yujin told the members, “Since it’s already 2PM…Let’s plan our things up to 2AM!”, and the members started to share different opinions. 


In particular, Jang Wonyoung suggested dividing the practice time into smaller and scattered sessions, to which Liz said, “If I divide the practice schedule…I will always have to think about having to practice later…So I can’t enjoy having fun fully during break!”, causing everyone to laugh. 

Liz also emphasized that she prefers focus practice time in just one period rather than splitting them little by little, and Ahn Yujin eventually compromised by setting the practice time to just one hour.

The conversation turned to dinner time. Jang Wonyoung said, “I can be in charge of dinner time from 6PM. But I want to eat like a Parisian and have three hours for dinner. What should I do?”


Then, when the production team asked if she usually eats dinner for three hours, Jang Wonyoung laughed, saying, “I really do”, joking, “I have a French eating style”, while Ahn Yujin confirmed Wonyoung’s words. 

Jang Wonyoung also wittily said, “I maintain my French eating style in Korea. So if you come near me, you might hear some French expressions… Bon Jours?”

Source: Nate

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