Jang Won-young Showcases Her Fluent English Skills, “I Went To An English Kindergarten”

IVE member Jang Won-young met with the MCs of “Psick Univ” and showed off her fluent English speaking skills 

On May 6th, the YouTube channel “Psick Univ” uploaded a new content video featuring IVE’s Jang Won-young.

Appearing on “Psick Univ”, Jang Won-young introduced her English name “Vicky” and surprised everyone with her fluent English skills, “I didn’t study abroad but I went to the US several times with my family. And I went to an English kindergarten.”

As the MC poured compliments on her English pronunciation, Jang Won-young said, “I learned it… maybe in an English kindergarten. I think it was in Daechi-dong or Bangbae-dong”. Kim Min-soo exclaimed, “As expected, the No.1 English kindergarten in Korea”.

jang won young psick show

Regarding her nickname “Godgi”, which is a combination of “God” and “aegi (baby)”, Jang Won-young said, “Maybe I debuted when I was 14 so people call me ‘aegi’. But it’s like my skills are perfect”.

Jang Won-young, who is 173cm tall, shared, “I’ve dreamed about falling from the sky so many times. I need my toe to count them. When I was in middle school, I woke up shouting every day”.

Yoo Young-joo praised Jang Won-young, saying “I think you’re too perfect, too perfect for an idol. I cannot see any shortcomings from you”. Jang Won-young replied, “No”, adding “Actually, If I do one thing for a long time, I tend to get tired of it”, revealing her shortcoming by herself. Hearing that, Kim Min-soo commented, “But that’s not a shortcoming”. Jang Won-young then said, “But if you have to go on, it’s a little shortcoming”.

When the MCs asked, “Have you ever touched your parents’ wallets?”, Jang Won-young responded, “No. Cause if I ask them, they’ll give it. Why do I have to take it secretly? When I wanted to get something, I just asked them and they would just give me. They always support me no matter what”, expressing affection for her parents.

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