Jang Won-young Criticized For Intentionally Stealing Spotlight Of Leeseo At IVE Concert

Controversies arose over Jang Won-young’s action towards the youngest member Leeseo at a recent concert of IVE

On July 7th, Koreaboo raised controversy over Jang Won-young’s attitude during IVE’s recent concert in London, the UK.

A netizen shared a fancam video showing Jang Won-young taking the crown Leeseo was wearing and criticized the female idol for stealing the spotlight of her member. Pointing out that Jang Won-young look very satisfied after taking the prop from Leeseo, OP even added the caption “pick me” for her.

jang won young-leeseo

Shortly after the fancam was uploaded, it attracted more than 1 million views and shares on TikTok. A debate over Jang Won-young’s attitude started in the comment section. A lot of people criticized Jang Won-young for her stealing the spotlight of another member, saying “She thinks she’s the center of attention”, “I don’t hate her but this action clearly shows how much she wants attention”, etc. Some even recalled similar incidents in the past.

jang won young leeseo

However, many fans raised their voices to defend Jang Won-young, claiming that she was only joking around with Leeseo. Accordingly, Jang Won-young and Leeseo are very close and even in the controversial fancam, Leeseo continued to show friendly interaction with Jang Won-young after her crown was taken away. In addition, some fans released another video showing Leeseo happily fixing the crown for Jang Won-young to prove that Leeseo did not feel frustrated by Jang Won-young’s action.

jang won young

Prior to this, Jang Won-young faced controversies over having “center syndrome” several times. When IVE arrived at Gimpo Airport in November 2022, Jang Won-young suddenly came in between Ahn Yu-jin and Ga-eul when the two were posing in front of reporters’ cameras. Moreover, she was seen trying to move to the center position in the middle of IVE’s performance at a festival in July 2022.

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