NewJeans Hanni’s Short Hair Becomes A Trend

The short hairstyle of NewJeans’s Hanni during the recent comeback has caused a “short hair challenge” to rise recently

Hanni’s short hair debuted in NewJeans’s music video “Bubble Gum” and drew keen attention shortly after that. With this short hairstyle, Hanni received explosive responses as it gave off a more lively and pure vibe compared to her previous long straight hair.

In the case of Hanni, she often wears a wig to change her short hair into different styles that suit her. However, not only Hanni but many stars are also getting short haircuts to showcase their individualities, starting a short hair trend among women.


Many female stars, including Kara’s Kang Ji-young, who drew attention with her surprise short hair transformation recently, Red Velvet’s Wendy, who has been promoting with short hair for a long time, and Jeon Somi, who presented a new charm and natural mood with short hair, have recently utilized this hairstyle to highlight their personalities.

Hanni cut her hair short to the length that reached above her jaw and had short bangs. She styled it in the hush cut style to emphasize her kitsch and lively charm. Stretching her hair down with little waves in “Bubble Gum” music video, Hanni added curly points to her hair during later promotional activities to create a lovely and cheerful atmosphere.

hanni-kang ji young-wendy-jeon so mi

Kang Ji-young and Jeon Somi look natural and boyish in their short haircuts. Both of them emphasize the natural mood with long bangs and curly parts around their facial lines. Wendy looks more feminine and innocent with thick waves around her jawlines.

Although each person can style their short hair in a different way, the common feature of this hairstyle sets the current trend of short hair. The most notable point is giving the hair a light texture. Unlike the tassel cut, which includes a heavy texture and straight finish points, the currently trendy short hair features a light texture, making the hair look like it is flowing in the air. Adding light layers also makes the shortcut look more natural and stylish.

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