Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Appeared On “Inkigayo”? “We Love K-pop”

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made their special appearance on Korean music show “Inkigayo”

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman appeared on the July 7th broadcast of SBS’s “Inkigayo” and introduced nominees for the No.1 trophy.

In a conversation with “Inkigayo” MC Moon Sung-hyun, the two Hollywood stars expressed their interest in K-pop. Ryan Reynolds shared, “I do enjoy listening to K-pop and it is such a big pleasure to introduce this week’s hottest K-pop artists”. Hugh Jackman added, “I love K-pop music. But particularly when I’m walking around the street in New York, I like upbeat and dance music”.

Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman

Later, the two introduced the No.1 nominees, which were NewJeans, Lee Young-ji and TWS.

Ryan Renolds then said, “And we do have something we hope will become No.1 too so please watch our newest movie packed with lots of fun, chemistry and dynamic actions coming to theaters this month”, introducing their new film “Deadpool and Wolverine”.

Earlier, Ryan Reynolds also expressed his extraordinary affection for K-pop artists as he mentioned NewJeans and Stray Kids on his SNS account. Hugh Jackman was also named a Seoul public relations ambassador in the past, adding special meaning to their collaboration this time.

Meanwhile, the two visited Korea on July 3rd and are participating in promotional events for as the main characters of the movie “Deadpool and Wolverine.

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