Jang Nara: A brilliant career ruined by a statement and marriage at the age of 41

Once had an extremely monumental career, but Jang Nara fell seriously when caught in a scandal.  At 41, she is getting married.

More than 10 years ago, Jang Nara was a famous name in the Korean entertainment industry.  At that time, besides musical activities, Jang Nara also had an impressive career as an actress.

But because of a scandal, Jang Nara completely ruined her career.  Up to the present time, the actress, in her 40s, is no longer standing at the peak of her career.

Jang Nara career
Jang Nara in her 40s: has not regained her fame

Jang Nara used to have an admirably successful career

In 2002, Jang Nara had her first leading role in her career in “Successful Story Of A Bright Girl”.  For the first time playing the lead role, Jang Nara was lucky to achieve great success, which is proven by the rating of the drama.

Jang Nara career
Jang Nara used to have an admirable career as an actress in the Chinese market.  

After “Successful Story Of A Bright Girl”, Jang Nara rose to fame, becoming one of the top stars in the Korean entertainment industry at that time.  Along with that, she received a series of film projects and big advertising contracts.  Not only succeeding in the acting field, Jang Nara is also praised for her clear and sweet voice.  In 2002, Jang Nara once stirred up the Korean music industry with the MV “Sweet Dream”.

Jang Nara career
Jang Nara quickly got her first main role and she achieved great success right after her debut. 

After achieving success in Korea, Jang Nara entered the Chinese market and quickly became famous with Asian audiences through hit series including “My Bratty Princess”. 

Ruined her own career with a statement 

Jang Nara had a big career in China but of course nothing can go smoothly forever.  After a while, Jang Nara’s popularity in China also gradually decreased.

Along with that, while she was focusing on the Chinese market, Jang Nara’s name was gradually forgotten by the Korean public. Later, she returned to Korea to rebuild her name, but the appearance of numerous new actresses put Jang Nara behind.

Jang Nara career
Jang Nara once caused controversy when she said that she came to China only to make money.  (Photo: Dispatch)

In an interview with Korean media, Jang Nara caught attention when she said that she came to China to act because of “money”.  “Every time I lack money, I go to China to work,” said Jang Nara.

The actress’s statement at that time made the Chinese audience extremely angry.  After that, even though she apologized, Chinese TV stations, producers, and audiences turned their backs on her, which led to her career going downhill.

Jang Nara career
The actress’s career went downhill from that point on.  (Photo: Twitter)

Getting married at the age of 41

Jang Nara career
Rumor has it that Jang Nara and Alec Su “had something together” during the filming period of “My Bratty Princess.” (Photo: ent.tom)

In an interview, Jang Nara once said that she wanted to get married before the age of 37 and become a mother when she reaches 40. In a press conference, when asked about marriage, Jang Nara said that she has not found the right person to marry.

Jang Nara career
Jang Nara used to be caught up in dating rumors with Park Bo Gum.  (Photo: Twitter)

During Jang Nara’s career, the actress has also been entangled in many dating rumors.  At the time of filming “My Bratty Princess,” Jang Nara was caught up in dating rumors with Alec Su. Both sides have denied it, but many people still believe that this couple really “had something to do with each other”. There are even rumors that Alec Su is no longer dating anyone because of his love for the Korean actress.

Jang Nara was also involved in dating rumors with Park Bo Gum. There were also rumors that the actress would marry actor Kim Nam Gil.

Jang Nara career
Jang Nara was once rumored to marry Kim Nam Gil.  (Photo: Soompi)

But now, at the age of 41, Jang Nara has finally found the man of her dreams, and he is not part of the entertainment industry like any of the rumors. On June 3rd, she made a surprise announcement that she would be tying the knot soon with a non-celebrity.

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