Jaejae, feel the dignity of a star… “Song Joong Ki gave me an expensive headphone” (Radio Star)

Jaejae thanked Song Joong Ki for giving her an expensive headphone as a gift.

Han Ga In, Jaejae, Jung Eun Ji and An Yu Jin appeared as guests on MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on Jan 11th.

Jaejae, who revisited “Radio Star” after 3 years, said that her recognition level had changed since her last appearance. Jaejae boasted about her busy schedule that filled the week from Monday to Sunday.

Ha ga in Jaejae

Jaejae revealed the story behind the English interview with Marvel actors. She shared, “The interview lasted 9 minutes. I practiced free talking for a few days, even using ridiculous Konglish because the time would have decreased if we had used an interpreter.

Jaejae also talked about her trip to the 75th Cannes Film Festival held in France last year. Jaejae is said to have worn a popcorn hat to show her presence at the Cannes Film Festival. Accordingly, she was actually asked to take a picture together with Tang Wei. Jaejae, who also cosplayed director Park Chan Wook, said, “I struggled to find a costume.” She did not forget to express her gratitude to Park Hae Il, “I was sweating on the red carpet, so Park Hae Il handed me tissues.”

Jaejae then shared another anecdote with the stars. Jaejae recently attended Song Joong Ki’s fan meeting as an MC. Jaejae confessed, “There’s a moment when I felt ‘This is the dignity of a star’. Song Joong Ki gave me a headphone as a gift after the fan meeting, saying, ‘I bought mine and bought it together.’ He told me not to feel burdened. I’m using it well.

Jaejae picked Youn Yuh Jung as the guest who made her most nervous. Jaejae said, “I looked into her works, including the ones she filmed in the 1970s. After the interview, she told me, ‘You were great.’ At that time, I almost fell into mannerism due to the slightly repetitive routine, but I came to my senses again.

Source: Daum

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