IVE Jang Won Young Reveals Her Love for Ice Cream in Spain

IVE member Jang Won Young showed her lingering affection for ice cream

On September 13th, a vlog titled ‘Won Young in Spain’ was uploaded on IVE’s official YouTube channel.

Jang Won Young said, “I suddenly decided to film a vlog. Today is the day I’m returning to Korea, and I have an evening flight. I wanted to take a closer look at the places I visited with the members.”

jang won young in spain

Upon arriving in San Miguel Market, Jang Won Young, with high energy, mentioned dishes like pork fritters, tapas, bread, and churros. She especially said, “This place looks delicious. This is like real fish cakes, and it’s really tasty. I love it in Korea too, but this place is a paradise. There’s even caviar on top,” as she enthusiastically admired the food.

She then visited Mayor Square and passed an ice cream shop, “This is really sad for me. Pistachio ice cream is not very common in Korea. Here, pistachio ice cream is so readily available. It’s making me hesitate.” She added, “I have a schedule later. I don’t have a hand to carry it, so I’m leaving with my appetite.”

jang won young in spain

Soon, she spotted another ice cream shop and commented, “Doesn’t this one look really good? Ohh. It looks like they have macarons on top,” but she still passed by.

“I’ve been wanting to go to the best bakery since I arrived. There was a really delicious croissant with chocolate on it, and I almost dreamed about it. So, I came back today,” she said while visiting the bakery and finally bought a pain au chocolat. Jang Won Young exclaimed, “I’m giving you something new. I got lucky because the person in front of me was trying to buy all the pain au chocolat, so I ended up getting the freshly baked one. Lady Luck is on my side,” she happily shared.

Later, Jang Won Young’s attention turned to yet another ice cream shop. However, she concluded, “I think I was wrong about the ice cream. The weather is too hot, and if I buy it, it will melt right away and disappear. I’m too scared to buy it. My pistachio ice cream. I’ll have to eat it in Korea,” she resolved.

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