Lee Byung-hun’s Miss Korea sister exposed him for giving her a curfew in her mid-30s

Miss Korea Lee Ji-an recently mentioned her older brother, actor Lee Byung-hun, on a variety show.

At 8:30 p.m. on November 10th (KST), the special episode named “Miss Korea” of MBC Every1’s “South Korean Foreigners” will feature Jang Yoon-jung, Lee Ji-an, Seol Soo-hyun, and Lee Yoon-ji.

Lee Ji-an, selected as the 1996 Miss Korea, used to draw attention for her exotic appearance. On the show, she not only shows her charm but also reveals about her brother Lee Byung-hun.

lee ji-an

When MC Kim Yong-man asked Lee Ji-an, “What kind of brother was Lee Byung-hun when he was young?” She replied, “He was an older brother who made me tired of his nagging.” She then said, “My brother nagged me when I came home late. He gave me a curfew until my mid-30s,” she revealed, surprising everyone.

lee byung hun

In addition, Lee Ji-an makes an unexpected confession, saying, “When I was young, I wanted to be a singer or comedian.” She said, “When he was young, my brother also wanted to be a comedian. If he tried to win by making me laugh more at his jokes,” she said, making everyone laugh.

lee ji-an


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