Once the top visuals in generation 4 K-pop, IVE drops in rank due to questionable outfits 

While possessing a top-ranking visual in the industry, IVE is losing their status due to outfit disasters. 

IVE is among the top visuals in 4th generation K-pop girl groups. (Image: Kpopping) 

K-pop fans are clamoring upon knowing that IVE thas been wearing their old stage outfits for 1 year. Performing in stages from Korea to Germany, the group, nonetheless, was given old outfits from their promotional period for “LOVE DIVE”. Things got worse when it is revealed that their company reused IVE’s old debut outfits for the group’s Japanese promotional activities. 

The group re-wore their outfits from 1 year ago. (Image: Facebook K Crush)
IVE wore student outfits for countless times throughout their “LOVE DIVE” promotion. (Facebook K Crush) 

While rewearing old outfits is nothing new nor unreasonable, it is the way the stylists redesign the outfits that is targeted. 

IVE’s stylists redesign their clothes but only make it look worse. (Image: Facebook K Crush) 
Members’ hairstyles are the only features being changed up after 2 months. (Image: Facebook K Crush) 
IVE’s outfit quality decreases after each wear. (Image: Facebook K Crush) 

While fans thought the situation would improve with some feedback, IVE’s appearance on a Japanese show came as a shock. The girls were wearing flashy and excessively ornate outfits which were salvaged solely by the idols’ visuals. 

IVE’s new outfits bore fans. (Image: Twitter @cx_meza8)
The group’s beauty is deescalating day by day. (Image: Twitter @cx_meza8)
ive wonyoung
Wonyoung’s visuals carry the weight of the unappealing outfit. (Image: Pinterest) 

Apart from their clothing, IVE’s makeup is also a subject of heated debate on social media. Compared to their past youthful looks, the group now appears more pale, with Wonyoung being a victim of enormous and unsophisticated eyebrows. 

ive wonyoung
IVE’s eyebrow styling sparks controversies among fans. (Image: Pinterest) 
ive gaeul hair dream concert 2022
Gaeul’s look is “downplayed” by her unsuitable makeup. (Image: Spotvnews) 
Ive thumbnail
Compared to their debut, IVE looks less attractive to the audience. (Image: Twitter @IVEStarship)

Starting from a smaller company, the Starship girl group is not presented with opportunities to wear designer’s clothing like other groups from bigger companies. Nevertheless, the group is still able to balance their outfit’s less appealing design with their proportionate and tall figures. Unfortunately, not only are the group wearing non-designer’s outfits, IVE also suffers from lack of variety and care. 

Starship’s rookie group IVE is gaining huge popularity
ive thumbnail
IVE’s outfits were highly regarded despite not being expensive designer’s outfits.
Fans are hoping IVE’s stylists will take better care of their costumes. (Image: Twitter @IVEStarship) 

Despite their visuals and talents, IVE is falling back compared to other groups partially because of their diverse outfits and appealing looks. Hopefully, their stylists will listen to current public opinions and make timely adjustments for the group’s image and future. 

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