6 Celebrities so hilarious people forget their main jobs aren’t comedian 

Despite leading other successful careers, these celebrities are considered “entertainment geniuses”

In the entertainment world, there are many stars who are active not only in music and acting, but also in various entertainment programs with their witty talking skills. 

These people are receiving various love calls from Korean entertainment programs, and show such a great sense of entertainment that some netizens even forget about their main jobs. 

1. Singer Lee Mi-joo

Lee Mi-joo, who is loved for her lively personality, is emerging as a true “entertainment personality”.

Despite debuting in the Kpop girl group Lovelyz, Lee Mi-joo did not mind to shed her idol image and make it fun in entertainment programs. 

Lee Mi-joo

She has even received recognition from the “nation’s MC” Yoo Jae-suk, an experienced entertainment character, who said Mi-joo is good at entertainment. 

After the disbandment of Lovelyz, Lee Mi-joo moved to Antenna and is continuing her vigorous activities.

2. Rapper Lee Young-ji

Lee Young-ji is loved by fans for her easy-going personality and unusual sense of humor.

The female rapper never failed to crack up people, always providing fun content to the public through her personal SNS and YouTube web program. 

youngji lee

Recently, Lee Young-ji also caught the attention of famous PD Na Young-seok and joined the tvN program “Earth Arcade”. 

She is considered an “entertainment genius” thanks to her pleasant personality, and a “genius rapper” with her high-level rapping and dancing skills.

3. Oh My Girl Seunghee

Seunghee, a member of the girl group Oh My Girl, who shows off her fairy-like beauty on stage, always makes viewers laugh with her unusual speech on entertainment programs. 


In particular, Seung-hee, who has a bright personality full of excitement, often shows reactions that make even those around her feel good.

With her excellent humor sense, the female idol also boasts perfect chemistry with her co-stars in every broadcast, and thus is receiving love calls from various entertainment programs.

4. Super Junior Kim Hee-chul

Kim Hee-chul, who made his debut as Super Junior in 2005, has captivated many fans, and is currently active in the entertainment industry.

Ever since his debut, Kim Hee-chul has been sweeping through various shows with his excellent sense of entertainment, and is showing intense charms in the web program “Street Alcohol Fighter” 

kim hee chul

The male idol is also called a “scammer” for his excellent dancing, singing, visuals, and wit.

5. Idol-actress Hyeri

Hyeri, who received a lot of love through her group Girl’s Day, is now showing another talent by appearing in various K-dramas and variety shows.

The idol-actress became recognized for her acting skills after appearing in the hit tvN drama “Reply 1988” as the female lead Deok-sun, and is now showing off a pleasant charm in various entertainment shows with her innate sense of entertainment.

Lee Hyeri

In particular, she appeared on the tvN entertainment program “Amazing Saturday” and stimulated the laughter of viewers with her unusual wit.

Now, Hyeri is focusing on her acting career, but still provides fun through her personal YouTube channel, sharing her daily life full of charm.

6. Singer DinDin

DinDin, who entered the entertainment industry through the Mnet show “Show Me the Money 2” in 2013, continues to shine brightly in entertainment programs as well as music activities.


DinDin is currently active in the entertainment programs “The Backpacker Chef”, “DNA Mate”, and “2 Days & 1 Night”. 

DinDin, who wanted to become an entertainer who was good at hip-hop before becoming a rapper, seems to have perfectly fulfilled his dream.

Source: insight

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