IVE An Yu-jin “I’ve been a trainee since I was 14… I cried a lot when I said goodbye to my mom”

An Yu-jin recalled her trainee days.

On the July 1st broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Earth Arcade“, Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji and An Yu-jin left for Thailand in the 2000s according to the worldview.

On this day, the members arrived at their first accommodation in Bangkok. On the first night at the accommodation, PD Na Young-seok called the members to the lobby on the first floor. There were 10 bottles of beer and side dishes.

However, the members failed to get beer as a result of the game. They drank water and enjoyed side dishes. With chicken skewers, squid skewers and fried cartilage, they sat side by side and showcased a stormy eating show.

After the meal, the members had a sincere talk. Mimi recalled that time, “I ate a lot when I was a trainee. At that time, dance practice was too hard. I kept running for 2 hours.” An Yu-jin said, “I’ve been a trainee since I was 14. After school, I went to the company and took lessons.

An Yu-jin added, “When I lived in Daejeon, I went back and forth by express bus. I cried a lot when I said goodbye to my mom.” On the other hand, Lee Eun-ji revealed, “I lived with my parents all the time and started to live alone when I turned 30. It was great.”

Source: daum

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