IU x Son Seok Gu, “Winter Couple” with an exciting height difference

Singer IU and actor Son Seok Gu did a “winter couple” pictorial together.

On October 7th, an outdoor brand released a pictorial of idol-actress IU and actor Son Seok Gu wearing couple winter clothes.

In the pictorial, IU and Son Seok Gu adorned fur jackets with sensual styling and the zippers down, as if in preparation for the approaching winter cold. IU chose a grayish long jacket that reaches her knees, while Son Seok Gu wore a beige gray medium-length jacket, preserving their own personalities while still looking like a couple. 

Throughout the pictorial, the two showed various expressions and poses, such as looking at each other with an exciting height difference, leaning on each other’s back, and staring at the same place together. 

Source: nate

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