Brave Girls’ Yoo-jung: “I used to care about outer appearance, there’s my ideal type among the male cast”

Brave Girls Yoo-jung has already fallen in love with the marriage stories of the guests.

Brave Girls Yoo-jung, who will play an active role as a “professional sympathizer” in JTBC’s new entertainment program “Marry Me,” which will premiere on Oct 13th, has completely immersed in the stories of other cast’s marriage life stories and decided to share her ideal type and marriage view.

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Yoo-jung shared, “Everyone around me got married one by one, so I started thinking about marriage too. I think I can get some sources later if I appeared in ‘Marry Me’. All the cast members are similar in age to me.” “I think I think about that a lot around this time of the year,” she said, confessing the reason why she was mesmerized by the stories of the cast members.

The more she is overly immersed in “Marry Me,” her view of marriage has changed little by little as she proceeds with the program. “I wanted to get married earlier as I work with ‘Marry Me;” she said, “I think I want to stop dating. I think there are a lot of people who think similar to me,” she explained her reason.

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Yoo-jung said she definitely felt the difference between dating and getting married. “It was impressive to see the cast talking about their jobs and ages without hiding,” she said. “Even if they knew about each other’s jobs, they still talked in detail about whether their timetables were right for each other, so I thought dating and marriage were really different.”

“I don’t think our program is all about the emotion of liking someone” she said, stressing the difference between ideal and reality, saying, “Since they are going to be together for the rest of their lives, people sometimes stop with the emotions. You have to be careful because your marriage partner will be a member of your family as well, not just your own partner.”

brave girls yoojung instagram

Through this process, Yoo-jung, who believes both realistic conditions and emotions are important in the final choice, said, “The program feels a little more mature. If you really want to get married, or if you are going to get married, you will be able to be more immersed in our program. I also learned a lot by asking my seniors what I was curious about,” she said, showing her sincerity in empathy.

brave girls yoojung instagram

On the other hand, Yoo-jung drew attention by answering that she had an ideal type among the male cast members. She said, “In the past, I used to look at people’s outer appearance, but these days, I like the style that only I think I will like,” adding, “There is someone with that style among the cast. I think all women would be interested in such a person. The style to like someone politely and not forcing carelessly despite having someone they like. I like such a man,” raising curiosity about who will be the cast that matches Yoo-jung’s taste.

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