IU unexpectedly showed up at the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s brother to perform: Are the two top stars close? 

How did IU and Lee Jong Suk become close?

On October 2, Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother held a wedding. Photos of the wedding were later posted online. Although Lee Jong Suk was wearing a mask covering his face in all photos, his handsome looks and eye-catching aura still stood out. 

Notably, other than Lee Jong Suk himself, the wedding also had the presence of another top celebrity. It was “nation’s little sister” IU. She not only attended the wedding as a guest but also performed a congratulatory song for the happy couple. After the ceremony ended, Lee Jong Suk and IU were spotted next to each other, surprising many netizens with their friendship. 

In fact, Lee Jong Suk and IU first worked together as regular MCs for SBS’s music show Inkigayo in 2012-2013 and have remained close ever since. That’s why IU was invited to the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother.

lee jong suk
In the photos taken with a phone camera at the wedding, Lee Jong Suk still stands out thanks to his superior physique and aura
lee jong suk
He looks handsome despite his face being covered with a mask
lee jong suk
IU surprisingly appeared at the wedding. She also performed a congratulatory song. This has sparked curiosity about IU and Lee Jong Suk’s relationship. 
lee jong suk
IU and Lee Jong Suk have maintained their friendship for years. Although her schedules are packed, IU still took time to attend Lee Jong Suk’s brother’s wedding.
lee jong suk
After the ceremony was over, Lee Jong Suk was spotted standing next to IU 
lee jong suk
IU and Lee Jong Suk became close after serving as co-MCs on SBS Inkigayo during the period of 2012-2013. Lee Jong Suk often went to IU’s concert to cheer her on. 

Source: K14

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