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“Single parenting”… “Running Man” controversial subtitles, harshly criticized by netizens

Some of the subtitles for “Running Man” are being criticized by netizens. Many point out that the program’s sense has decreased since the change of PD.

On SBS’ popular entertainment show “Running Man“, which aired on Oct 2nd, a special trip to Cheorwon was depicted.

After that, on Oct 3rd, a post titled “The current status of Running Man’s subtitles after changing to female PD” was uploaded on the online community “FM Korea”.

The post included a video of Jeon So-min directing a couple situational play with Yang Se-chan.

In the video, Jeon So-min suddenly appeared with a frog doll that was similar to her sub-character, then called Yang Se-chan “dad” and directed a situational play featuring a newlywed couple who had just given birth to a child.

Seeing Jeon So-min appear with a doll in her arms, Yang Se-chan said with a fed-up expression, “She started again…”

All the members panicked. They caused laughter by responding, “Did you have a baby? Did you give birth to a frog?” and “What’s wrong with her?”

Jeon So-min approached Yang Se-chan with a frog doll named “Yang frog”, saying, “Go to your dad, go to your dad.” Song Ji-hyo chimed in, “Let’s hug our nephew.”

At this time, the subtitle “A frog mother who was single parenting” appeared on the screen.

Jeon So-min then made everyone burst into laughter by throwing a bombastic remark to the members who were looking at the frog nephew, “We became like that… within a short time.”

The members laughed and finished the situational play. However, netizens’ response to the subtitles containing the word “single parenting” was cold.

Netizens of the online community “FM Korea” criticized, “Is it time for Running Man to say goodbye to viewers?”, “It’s just not fun”, “I cursed while watching this yesterday”…

Others sympathized, “I listen to the radio every day, and the word ‘single parenting’ comes up often. Men sometimes send stories about single parenting. Was this a controversial word?”…

However, netizens continued to claim that what happened was mostly the female PD’s fault, “In the end, the main PD did the confirmation, so it was her fault that subtitles were not edited out”…

Source: Wikitree

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