IU and Shin Se-kyung, who have always been calm, have announced a “scary” decision today

Singer IU and actor Shin Se-kyung have announced their tough response to malicious comments.    

On the 21st, EDAM Entertainment announced in an official statement that it is filing additional charges against malicious commenters. IU and Shin Se-kyung are the only artists belonging to this entertainment agency.


The agency said, “We have fully recognized the seriousness of malicious posts that were found through the self-monitoring process of our company and reports from fans, and have filed several complaints with the investigative agency through our law firm based on the new evidence collected.”

“We have been collecting evidence for a long time of some perpetrators who repeatedly posted unfounded rumors and malicious posts under anonymous IPs. We have secured the posts, the non-login accounts and the telecommunication company IPs to deliver them to the investigative agencies,” they said.

Shin Se-kyung

In addition, the agency added, “In some cases, the perpetrators have deleted their anonymous posts or footages to avoid leaving evidence, but we are monitoring them in real time and collecting the posts and footages they  had deleted to file a complaint against them.”

In particular, the agency emphasized, “There were some parts in which a number of perpetrators who were summoned asked for an agreement, but we will take strict legal action without any agreement or leniency.”

Finally, the agency expressed a strong stance, saying, “We will take strict measures to track down malicious posts’ perpetrators until the end, and we make it clear that there will be no leniency or agreement in this process.”


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