IU almost turned down her breakout role in “My Mister” and here’s why

But IU eventually accepted the offer and this was perhaps the best decision in her acting career.

IU started out as a singer. When she first started her acting career, she received many mixed reactions because her acting was deemed stiff and lacking emotions. In Moon Lovers, IU faced negative comments from the viewers for constantly rolling her eyes. It was not until the drama My Mister that IU got rid of the prejudices against her acting and was recognized as a capable actress.

IU My Mister
IU My Mister
My Mister introduces a totally different IU

In My Mister, IU plays Lee Ji An, a melancholy young woman who struggles in the midst of a life full of injustices and difficulties. She has complicated relationships with 3 older men. This emotionally challenging role brought IU’s position as an actress to a whole different level, but also caused her to worry a lot when she first received the offer. IU admitted she almost rejected it because in the past, she was involved in a lolita controversy with her album Chat-Shire. Since the female lead character of My Mister is a girl in her 20s who is in a relationship with a middle-aged man, IU worried she would not be the right fit and draw more controversy if she accepted the part.  “I’m aware of the controversy over the album I released. I know that if the delivery was not smooth, someone could get offended. I thought about it a lot, and I knew I had to be cautious.” – IU opened up about her thoughts upon receiving the script for My Mister. During that time, IU’s fans were also against her taking on the role, fearing that she would have the Lolita image in the drama.

IU My Mister

After careful consideration, IU eventually agreed to join the cast of My Mister. As for the reason for changing her mind, she shared, “If I read the script and think it’s unsuitable because of my controversy, I would have hesitated. But when I read it from an objective point of view, it’s a good script and the characters are also great. The director also gave me confidence, so I decided to accept the role.”

IU’s initial concerns were not groundless because once My Mister got broadcast, the first episodes stumbled into controversy. However, later on, My Mister managed to prove that it was not a drama about inappropriate romance. The emotional stories with realistic and vivid characters of My Mister successfully draw empathy from the viewers. IU also delivered an impressive performance. Her portrayal of the character Lee Ji An is so flawless that many viewers cannot imagine any other actress taking on the role. 

IU My Mister

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