ITZY’s ‘Everything’s Here’ – Sneak Peek of New Reality Show ‘FiveFlicks’ Released

ITZY is set to charm through their new reality show ‘FiveFlicks’

ITZY’s upcoming reality program ‘FiveFlicks’ will make its debut on Mnet on October 4th. In a teaser released on the 28th, the members of ITZY appear in various content genres, building anticipation for their entertaining activities.


In the teaser, the members sit together on a couch, watching ‘FiveFlicks’ and sharing laughter. ‘FiveFlicks’ is an omnibus-style reality show that will be released in four episodes.

‘FiveFlicks’ marks ITZY’s fourth collaboration with Mnet M2, following their first reality show ‘Paris et ITZY’ in 2020, ‘ITZYCOZY House’ in May 2022, and ‘LA@ITZY’ in September 2022. Fans can expect to see an upgraded sense of entertainment from ITZY, featuring their charismatic stage presence as well as their distinct, energetic charm that resonates with the Z-generation, not just during their youth travels but also as guesthouse owners in Jeju Island.


ITZY made a bright splash in the summer of 2023 with their mini-album ‘KILL MY DOUBT’ and its title track ‘CAKE.’ They are set to shine even brighter as they release their first full-length album ‘RINGO’ and its titular track in Japan on the 18th of next month, continuing their active journey.

ITZY’s new reality show ‘FiveFlicks’ is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, October 4th, at 9 PM on Mnet. It will also be available on the M2 YouTube channel at 10 PM on the same day.

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