ITZY praised as Kpop’s best female dance group, but netizens find one member lacking

According to Korean netizens, ITZY is the strongest Kpop girl group in terms of dancing abilities. 

The Kpop industry sees no lack of talents. However, not every member of a group is similar in skills. Often, they have different positions and provide different sets of abilities. But when it comes to ITZY, people have to admit that most members are proficient in dancing. 

ITZY takes the crown for best gen 4 girl group in terms of dance.

Recently, users on a Korean forum have been saying that 4 out of 5 ITZY members are main dancer quality. In addition, all of their fancams attract high numbers of views, and their choreographies manage to go viral every comeback. 

WANNABE – one of ITZY’s most viral stages.
The girl group’s stage presence is often praised by netizens…
…Especially that of Yeji and Ryunjin.
Ryujin’s shoulder dance that was the talk of town back in 2020.

While most agree that ITZY takes the crown in terms of dancing, a member is said to be a “choreography hole”, and that is none other than their main vocalist Lia. People pointed out that Lia often seems lackluster while dancing, with minimal movements and little stage presence. 

lia itzy
Netizens said Lia danced like she’s distracted.
lia itzy
…and often feels lazy on the stage.

Some comments from netizens: 

  • When it comes to dance, ITZY is the first name that comes to mind
  • Since there’s only one bad dancer, she really stands out 
  • ITZY are such good performers, their music feels better on stage.
  • Just because of that one member, they can’t go 100%. What a pity 
  • Good dancing and good live singing. 
  • ITZY needs to get better music or else it’d just be a waste of their talents. 
  • Four dancers who have completely different styles. Such a sight to see
  • Too bad there’s a choreography hole.
  • This is a prime example of popularity not equivalent to talents. 
  • 4 dancers out of 5. I kinda feel bad for the remaining member. 
  • I can’t stop watching Ryunjin and Yuna’s fancams.
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