ITZY is said to have entered their peak visual era with ”SNEAKERS” comeback

Recent style changes has made ITZY gain much praise in terms of visuals.

Debuting in 2019, ITZY took the girl crush direction despite their young and naive appearance and aura. However, ITZY’s stylings often drew mixed reactions. Mismatched outfits and makeup styles tragically downplayed their beauty many times. 


However, the new ITZY is having a major transformation. Recently, the girls were appointed Global Ambassador for fashion brand Charles & Keith. Continuing their last magazine appearance with ELLE Japan, ITZY received much praise for exceptional aura. 

In this frame, ITZY’s costumes were chosen to fit their body types and complement their shape. Moreover, the makeup and hair-do was perfect. Their photogenic poses also became more captivating and appealing. The girls proved their improvement to the public, creating a buzz and making netizens actually reconsider their past judgment.  

itzy sneaker

Furthermore, ITZY’s “SNEAKERS” comeback also succeeded. When their concept photos were released, ITZY had netizens on the edge of their seats for their royal and noble visuals. In the MV, the girl group also scored points with eye-catching outfits that still maintained their original upbeatness. This new change brought joy to fans, believing JYP stylists had “upgraded” their skills.

itzy charles and keith

Specifically, Chaeryeong, netizens’ talk of the town, also “leveled” up her visuals. Recently, the idol continuously gained attention for her pearl-white complexion, slim figure and suitable makeup style. Notably, unfiltered photos of Chaeryeong taken by random passers-by caused netizens to be in awe. 

ITZY Checkmate

ITZY seems to have stepped into their peak visual era. The group is becoming more attractive when they abandon the previous ornate makeup and clothing styles. In addition, netizens also praise JYP for listening and taking in public opinions. 

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