“It won’t be easy to challenge in an unfamiliar environment…” Ok Taecyeon joined hands with American agency WME

2PM member-actor Ok Taecyeon is about to enter Hollywood.

On Feb 27th, the agency 51K announced, “Ok Taecyeon signed a contract with the American agency WME.”

ok taecyeon

WME (William Morris Endeavor), which signed an exclusive contract with Ok Taecyeon, includes director Quentin Tarantino, director Ridley Scott, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Holland, Michael B. Jordan, director Park Chan Wook, director Bong Joon Ho, Bae Doo Na, etc. It serves as an agent for artists such as actors and musicians, as well as content creators covering books, digital media, movies, broadcasts and performances.

ok taecyeon

51K said, “We are delighted that actor Ok Taecyeon, who has expanded his scope as an actor through various works such as ‘Vincenzo’, ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ and ‘Blind’, signed an official agent contract with WME, one of the representative agencies in the United States. We ask for a lot of encouragement for Ok Taecyeon’s future moves.”

ok taecyeon

Ok Taecyeon said through his agency, “I am excited and happy to be able to take on a new challenge. I talked a lot with the local agency. It will not be easy to take on a new challenge in an unfamiliar environment, but I think it is a good opportunity to learn more. I will do my best to show you another side of me and my new charm on a wider stage.”

Meanwhile, Ok Taecyeon is about to return to the small screen through KBS2’s drama “My Heart Beats”, which is scheduled to premiere in the first half of this year.

Source: wikitree

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