“Is she only good at doing variety shows?”… From “Cleaning Up” to “2037”, Jeon So-min is proving her excellent skills as an actress

Jeon So-min is receiving recognition for both her drama and movie acting. 

Actress Jeon So-min is filling the first half of 2022 with her diverse acting activities. Jeon So-min, who created a hot sensation with Channel A’s “Show Window: The Queen’s House” earlier this year, is targeting the home theater and the big screen at the same time with JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Cleaning Up” (directed by Yoon Sung-sik/ scripted by Choi Kyung-mi) and movie “2037” (directed by Mo Hong-jin). 

cleaning up

In “Cleaning Up”, which aired its first episode on June 4th, Jeon So-min showed various aspects by taking on the role of Ahn In-kyung, a service cleaner at Bestid Investment & Securities. She increased the viewers’ immersion by captivating the emotional lines of her character with diverse facial expressions and gestures, from In-kyung’s nervous look at the network to her joyfulness when earning lots of profits from the stock information she overheard. 

cleaning up

In addition, Jeon So-min gave a fresh charm by perfectly portraying Jang Mi, who was imprisoned just before the abolition of adultery, in the movie “2037”, which was released on June 8th. Jeon So-min created pleasant chemistry with her prison mates in Cell Room 12 who have different stories, drawing laughter in the right scenes. In particular, the viewers can understand the personality of Jang Mi, who always takes care of her appearance, through Jeon So-min’s bleached hair and lips that were colored with a red marker. Jeon So-min’s detailed acting and unique visual are attracting keen attention from the audience.

jeon so min - cleaning up

As such, Jeon So-min is proving herself as a master of character transformations regardless of genres and characters. She received favorable responses as she solidified and brightened her presence with passionate performances in each drama or movie, allowing the audience to differentiate it from her previous work. As a result, many people have raised higher expectations for Jeon So-min, who has shown her unlimited ability to digest any role, to build up a solid filmography.

jeon so min - cleaning up

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