Internet explodes over a university jacket worn by BTS RM 

The “sincerity” of BTS RM (Kim Namjoon) has been revealed once again, as the male idol dons a university jacket.

On May 11th, RM posted an instant photo taken with BTS Jungkook on his Instagram story. In the photo, the two made various poses such as the peace sign, gasping faces, and even humorous expressions with their arms extended.


At this time, some netizens paid attention to the jacket RM was wearing. As it turns out, the item is a varsity jacket (often worn by college students), which is a merchandise produced by the YouTube channel “Psick Univ”.


RM has previously shown his fan spirit by appearing on “Psick Show”, a content broadcasted through the Psick Univ channel. At the time, the male idol boasted that he was a true fan, having subscribed and avidly watched the channel, which now has 2.06 million subscribers, since it had 80,000 subscribers. In the video, RM actively supported the Psick Univ channel, saying, “A world show needs a world star.”

Currently, the jacket worn by RM is sold out in the online store. It had been sold out long ago, but with the news of RM wearing it, it appears to be attracting the attention of fans both domestically and abroad once again.


Netizens who found out about RM’s wearing of Psick University merchandise reacted with comments such as “RM was really sincere”, “I’m a fan of Psick Univ too, but I couldn’t buy it because it was sold out. I’m jealous”, “The members of Psick Univ and RM seem to have drunk alcohol together at RM’s house”, “RM is always sincere in what he likes”, and “RM delves deeply into his fandom.”

Source: Wikitree

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