“I’m smiling inside, so don’t be too scared”… BLACKPINK Rosé, cute recent situation shown through pictures

BLACKPINK Rosé showed off her drawing skills.

On May 4th, an interview video of BLACKPINK Rosé was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Harper’s BAZAAR Korea”.

In the video, Rosé introduced, “This is my profile. My name is Rosé. I was born on February 11th, 1997. My blood type is B, my zodiac sign is Aquarius. My nickname is Chaeng Laurent.”

blackpink rosé

About the pose she does the most, she answered, “I often stare like this. It’s like I feel a little angry about something. I’m smiling inside, so don’t be too scared.”

Rosé chose rice as the food she wants to eat the most. She said, “I really want to eat rice. I don’t care about side dishes, I just really want to eat rice.”

When asked what she liked among her outfits today, she replied, “I liked all the clothes. I liked the huge bag. I wore it when I entered Korea and it was so comfortable. Everything I needed was included in it. It felt like I was moving house.”

blackpink rosé

Rosé chose “Take Me Where Your Heart is” as the spring song she wants to recommend. She introduced, “It’s a song that makes you feel good.”

Rosé also mentioned BLACKPINK members, “Jennie is cute like a bear. Lisa makes me think of a cat. Lisa has a bright and positive vibe. Jisoo is this sticker.”

When asked what she would do at home after the shoot, she said, “I think I’ll eat rice. I drew myself as a person who likes rice. Recently, I ate naengmyeon deliciously.”

blackpink rosé

The female idol continued, “I want to go to the beach for summer vacation. I think fans will be disappointed when they see my drawing skills.”

Finally, Rosé smilingly said, “When I was young, I just collected stickers and couldn’t use them because it was a waste. I think it’s good to be able to use them like this.”

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