The director of “Woori the Virgin” reveals his position on the controversy over the female lead actress overlap

“Woori the Virgin” director Jeong Jeong-hwa expressed his thoughts on the controversy over having the main cast actress overlap with another drama’s.

At 2 p.m on May 4th, a press conference for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Woori the Virgin” was held through an online broadcast.

woori the virgin

“Woori the Virgin” has been involved in controversy as both this drama and MBC’s new series “Doctor Lawyer” star the same actress as its main character. In particular, actress Im Soo-hyang appears as the female lead in both dramas.

As a result, Im Soo-hyang is currently in an awkward situation where she has to promote two works and immerse herself in two characters at the same time,


Regarding this issue, director Jeong Jeong-hwa said at the press conference, “From the perspective of a person who creates creative works, I’m hurt seeing another issue being brought up”, adding, “As a director, I feel heavy thinking of people of our work and the other work who have suffered a lot from this issue”.


He explained, “There is no point in finding whose fault it was. Our drama didn’t have a broadcasting schedule during its pre-production stage. After our filming was completed and the release date was set and it suddenly overlapped the other work”. He added, “Rather than worrying, I think it would be okay since the first episode of two dramas will be aired on different days and the broadcasting times are also different”.

The director continued, “In my opinion, I think Im Soo-hyang’s performances as different characters in two dramas will answer the public’s concern about whether the actress would be confused or whether she would appear a lot”. He emphasized, “I believe the result will be good since actress Im Soo-hyang, who is confident with the answer, has excellent acting skills that allow her to not lose to any other actor of her age”.


“Woori the Virgin”, which will premiere on May 9th, is a romantic comedy telling the story that takes place when Woo-ri (Im Soo-hyang), a woman who kept her virginal purity, gets pregnant with a child of Raphel (Sung-hoon) due to an unexpected incident. It is based on the original series “Jane the Virgin”, which has been greatly loved with five seasons aired on CWTV in the U.S since 2014. 

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