“I’ll keep loving you”, fan’s message to ASTRO Moonbin caused everyone to shed tears

The message of a fan, who misses the late ASTRO member Moonbin, made netizens unable to hold back tears. 

On August 10th, a student appeared in the video “What Song Are You Listening To Korea in Hanlim Arts High School”, which was published on the YouTube channel “whatsong_kr”

Here, when asked for her favorite song, the student replied that she likes boy group ASTRO and immediately picked ASTRO’s Candy Sugar Pop. 

Continuing, when asked, “Who’s your bias (favorite member)?”, the student mentioned the late Moonbin. She was then asked to say something to the male idol, to which she replied, “I truly loved you, and I’ll keep loving you”. 

The fan’s message to ASTRO Moonbin, who passed away earlier this year, brought tears to people’s eyes. 

On the other hand, Moonbin was active as a child actor from a young age, before making his debut as a member of ASTRO in 2016. From 2020, he also worked in the ASTRO sub-unit “Moonbin & Sanha” along with fellow group member Sanha.


Moonbin’s younger sister, Moon Sua, is a member of girl group Billlie, and the two often appear together on broadcast, receiving huge love. 

On April 19th of 2023, Moonbin passed away at the age of 25. Starting from June 7th, a memorial space was set up by Moonbin’s family in Gyeonggi Province, and a lot of fans have been visiting to commemorate the late idol. 

Source: Wikitree

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