Idols and actors are overwhelmed with emotions at their graduation day 

After graduation, these young actors and idols are reaching a new chapter in their life. 

It’s “Graduation Month” in the K-entertainment scene. After two years of COVID, idols and actors have returned to school to join their graduation ceremonies. It was the chance idols and actors could enjoy the lively atmosphere of being students at their well-familiar environment. 

Idol stars born in 2004 who turned 20 years old and graduated from high school

On February 9th, the 12th graduation ceremony was held at Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) in Gung-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, where several idol stars have attended where they resumed their status as highschool students in recognizable uniforms. 

Yujeong (Lee Yoo Jjung), a member of LIGHTSUM, also wore a yellow jacket and a navy-colored skirt to school.

Lightsum graduate

Born on June 14, 2004, Yujeong graduated from Bongcheon Elementary School, went to Bongwon Middle School, and went to the Department of Theater and Film at School of Performing Arts.

She previously appeared on “Produce 48” in 2018 as a CNC trainee at the time and ranked 51st in the final round. Three years later, in June 2021, he debuted as a six-member girl group LIGHTSUM under Cube Entertainment and is currently active.

lightsum Yujeong

At the graduation ceremony, all members of LIGHTSUM attended to congratulate Yujeong on her graduation.

Queenz Eye member Damin (Kang Da Min) was also active in Mnet’s “Produce 48.” She returned to the school as a student and enjoyed the graduation ceremony.

Kang Da Min

Born on March 24, 2004, Damin graduated from Nanhyang Elementary School and Nanwoo Middle School and entered School of Performing Arts in 2019. Her major is practical dance.

Damin stood in front of reporters who visited the graduation ceremony and said, “I graduated from the school I went to for three years. I feel relieved and sad  now that I have to leave my friends and teachers. I’ll work hard as a Queenz Eye Damin while cherishing the memories we made together.” 

Weeekly‘s Jae Hee (Lee Jae Hee) also expressed her sadness upon graduating from the Department of Theater and Film at School of Performing Arts this year, saying that she had had three “good years” at SOPA. 

Weeekly Jaehee

She said, “I think the end is a new beginning, so I hope you look forward to my 20s [when I] will shine more in the future. It was a very valuable time to meet good friends and teachers.”

Born on March 18, 2004, Jae Hee was a former child actor who first made her appearance in movies such as “Detective K,” “The Fatal Encounter,” and “Azooma.” She debuted as a member of the six-member girl group Weeekly in 2020.

Yoon Eun Ki, a member of the Department of Practical Music, attended the graduation ceremony and greeted friends with much sadness. 

Yoon Eun-gi

Born on August 16, 2004, Yoon Eun Ki graduated from Yonghyeon Girls’ Middle School in Incheon and made her debut as a girl group HI CUTIE under Space Music Entertainment in 2018. After that, she went to SOPA and worked on her career in the entertainment industry at the same time.

Yoon Eun Ki has had a wide range of activities as a singer, model and actress. 

In a media interview, she said, “I think it hasn’t been long since I entered school, but I’m already graduating. What’s a little upsetting is that [our cohort] couldn’t make many memories because of COVID-19,” said Eun Ki. She tried her best and asked friends to keep in touch. 

Male idol members wearing school uniform at the graduation ceremony also attracted major attention. 

Park Jeong Woo (born September 28, 2004), is a member of YG’s TREASURE. He also celebrated the last day of his school life  in this graduation and was seen holding a bouquet of flowers and taking pictures.

Park Jeong-woo graduate

After completing his tour with TREASURE in Japan, he and his group will commence the Asian tour, starting with Taipei next montha and Jakarta, Bangkok, and Macau.

Fortunately, Park Jeong Woo was able to join the graduation ceremony before leaving the performance and said, “I hope you [his peers] will continue to live a healthy and happy life in the future.” He also promised to be more mature and grown in his 20s. 

BLITZERS Wooju (Cho Woo Ju) smiled brightly as he held his diploma. He was born on January 21, 2004. He originally entered Goyang High School of Arts but later transferred to SOPA. 

Bleachers Wujoo

The idol maintains his studies even when he was working as a member of a group. He also took the CSAT last year. 

At Wooju’s graduation ceremony, the members of BLITZERS were also present with banners saying witty phrases such as “Our youngest is graduating” and “We are the graduation gift.”

ATBO Kim Yeon Kyu also wore his school uniform for the last time. Born in Daejeon on May 3, 2004, Kim Yeon Kyu transferred to Seoul when he was a middle school student. After going through Kyunghee Middle School, he went to SOPA and majored in practical music.

Kim Yeongyu ATBO

Kim Yeon Kyu said, “There will be difficult days ahead, but there will be more good days, so let’s run hard to the future,” said the idol, expressing support for his friends who are about to make a new start.

IVE Jang Won Young was not able to be at the ceremony where many idols due to schedule conflict and went to school a day earlier (Feb. 8th) to receive her diploma. Through Starship, she said: “Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on my graduation. It’s a pity that I couldn’t meet my classmates and teachers, but I really want to say thank you.”

yang won young

Students of Hanlim Multi Art School also held a graduation ceremony on February 10th.

NewJeans Minji (Kim Min Ji) also graduated after three years of high school. In an on-site interview on the day of the graduation ceremony, Min-ji said, “I am really happy and glad,” adding, “Thank you so much for being with me for 3 years.” 


When asked what she would want to do as an adult, the idol stated, “Drive. I want to get my driver’s license quickly,” adding, “I want to see more of the beach.” 

STAYC member J (Jang Ye Eun) graduated from Hongik University Girl’s High School, and member Yoon (Shim Ja Yoon) of the same group graduated from Gajaeul High School and turned 20 this year.

Let’s go to high school! a star who graduated from middle school

Jimin (Won Ji Min) and Riwon (Kim Ri Won), members of the girl group CLASS:y, who debuted last year, also visited the graduation ceremony side by side recently.

On February 7th, all CLASS:y members attended the graduation ceremony held at Eonju Middle School to celebrate the graduation of Jimin and Riwon before their entry into highschool. 


Riwon said through her agency, “I thought three years would be a long time, but it’s sad and sad that it’s gone by quickly. [Nonetheless], I’m also excited to think that it’s a new start.” 

In addition, “I will show you my development from middle schooler Riwon,” and added, “Thank you so much to everyone who congratulated me.”

Jimin also said, “Thank you for congratulating me on my graduation. I will work hard in high school, so please keep an eye on high school student Jimin.” Jimin will go to Hanlim Multi Art School to continue his studies.

IVE member Lee Seo (Lee Hyun Seo) had an early graduation ceremony on the 13th of last month and, because she was recently infected with COVID-19, Lee Seo could not attend the graduation ceremony event.


Having graduated from Bangbae Middle School in Seoul, Lee Seo is going to Hanlim Multi Art School in the entertainment department.

Trot singer Jeong Dong Won graduated from Sunhwa Arts School and ill enroll in SOPA for his highschool studies in practical music. Starting his career in elementary school,  2007-born singer is on his way to be a high school student.

Child actors in their 20s this year

Actress Ahn Seo Hyun who started acting as a child actress also made her public appearance also turned 20 after graduating from high school this year.

Ahn Seo-hyun debuted in 2008 through the KBS 2TV drama “Love Marriage” at the age of 5 and has appeared in various since then. “Okja” directed by Bong Joon Ho was one of the actress’ most notable roles in regards of her acting skills. 

ahn seo hyun

Actress Lee Jae In also had her graduation ceremony on the same date. First entering the entertainment industry with the children’s program “Kiss Kiss” in 2010 and beginning her acting with “Yellow Boots” as a second grader in 2012, Jae In gained recognition with “Svaha.”

The movie was film during her third year of middle school and brought her  awards at the “55th Baeksang Arts Awards,” the “3rd Anyang International Youth Film Festival,” and the “39th Golden Cinema Film Festival.” 

Lee Jae In

Lee Jae In will enter Hanyang University as a freshman in theater and film this year.

Kim Soo Jung, a former “Star Golden Bell” who received much love from shouting “That’s the answer!” will also enter college this year. After finishing her studies in SOPA, Kim Soo Jung plans to continue her studies at Dongduk Women’s University’s Department of Performing Arts (Broadcasting and Entertainment Major).

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