“Idol of idols” BTS’s V selected as the role model of ENHYPEN members 

V proves himself to be an “idol of idols”. 

On April 27th, Japanese fashion magazine ‘Numero TOKYO’ published a special edition for the June issue featuring interviews with 4th generation boy group ENHYPEN. In Sunghoon‘s Interview, he mentioned BTS’s V as his role model.

To a question about his dreams and personal wishes as an ENHYPEN member, Sunghoon revealed his aspiration to become a well-rounded idol, saying, “I personally want to have a better fashion sense, be better at speaking, and overall become a person without any shortcomings. I consider BTS’s V sunbaenim as my role model.”


V has reigned as a “Wannabe Star” among juniors with many 4th generation male idols looking up to him, but the respect he receives from his juniors under the same agency, who have been watching him closely for a long time, is perhaps more meaningful. 


Besides Sunghoon, 4 other ENHYPEN members including Jake, Sunoo, and Jay also mentioned V as their role model. More than half of the 7 members are ‘V fanboys’. During a radio schedule, Sunoo picked V as the BTS member he wanted to see the most, saying, “I considered V sunbaenim as a role model even before my debut. When I saw him in person, he was much cooler and I was so nervous.” In an interview with Billboard, he confessed that he grew up dreaming of becoming an artist while watching V.


Jay also said in various interviews that V is the BTS member he wants to be closest to, “I want to become a cool and outstanding person like my role model BTS’s V sunbaenim. I think it’s cool to see an artist famous for fashion like him.” In an interview with Weverse, Jake said, “I want to be like V sunbaenim. That’s the goal. I get a lot of inspiration from him to look cool and confident in music videos.”

Not long ago, V was also listed among the Top 10 K-pop Legend artists who are often considered role models for rookie idols by ‘IDN TIMES’ alongside IU, G-Dragon, BoA, Rain, and Lee Hyori. V is becoming an icon of inspiration that makes 4th generation idols dream of being recognized as the ‘next stage genius after V’. 

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