Identity of the puppy-like actor who performs fight scenes with Song Seung Heon and Kim Woo Bin in “Black Knight”

Viewers are curious about the actor who leads Netflix’s original series “Black Knight” together with Kim Woo Bin.

“Black Knight” is set in a fictional Korean peninsula in the future where people can only live in special residential areas due to severe air pollution. In this world, the only opportunity for non-residents or refugees to improve their social status is to become delivery drivers. 

Song Seung Heon stars in the drama as Ryu Seok, the son of Cheonmyeong Group Chairman, while Kim Woo Bin plays a refugee-turned-deliveryman with excellent skills who digs up the secret of Cheonmyeong Group.


Among the cast, Kang Yoo Seok played the role of refugee boy Sa Wol, the main character who hides a secret. Portraying a fifth-year rookie delivery driver, Kang Yoo Seok is in charge of a two-top leading role with Kim Woo Bin and confronts Song Seung Heon. As soon as the drama was released, the viewers began to question the identity of this young actor.

Kang Yoo Seok debuted in 2018 through “Quiz from God: Reboot”. He impressed many people with his pretty and cute face, giving off a puppy-like vibe. Later, he made his name known to the public by participating in various drama projects, such as “Startup”, “Beyond Evil”, “Payback”, etc.


Having a face that suits both good and evil characters, Kang Yoo Seok took on various roles and quickly rose to stardom as a leading actor. He captivated audiences with his ability to switch from his puppy-like image to a cold villain.

As Sa Wol, who faces a huge conspiracy after achieving his dream of becoming a delivery driver, Kang Yo Seok performs amazing acting performances and did not fall behind veteran actors Song Seung Heon, Kim Woo Bin, and Esom. His solid acting skills make drama fans raise higher expectations for his future activities.


Upon its release, “Black Knight” quickly rose to the top place in many countries, ranking second globally right behind another Netflix hit “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”. Many viewers are raising hope that it may surpass “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” and reach the No.1 spot.

Source: Daum

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