How does the public react to BABYMONSTER’s pre-debut song?

Following the announcement of the seven-member lineup, BLACKPINK’s “younger sister” BABYMONSTER has released their first MV.

Seven years after BLACKPINK’s debut, YG Entertainment is about to launch their next girl group, BABYMONSTER, consisting of 7 members. 

At the beginning of 2023, YG’s new girl group project garnered much attention from everyone, especially when the company introduced all seven trainees but ultimately decided to eliminate two from the debut lineup. However, a last-minute decision by Yang Hyun Suk resulted in all seven members debuting. 

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After creating much buzz with the announcement, BABYMONSTER released their first MV for the pre-debut track “Dream” at midnight KST on May 14th.

“Dream” evokes memories of the last evaluation where the seven members, Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Asa, Rora, Haram, and Pharita, showcased their talents. The song tells the story of the girls’ journey together, embracing their dreams of becoming idols, signaling the new future of BABYMONSTER.

“Dream” is written in English and features a gentle melody, highlighting the members’ captivating vocals and rap. The song is divided into three parts, resembling a personal narrative where each member takes on their respective roles. 

YG is known for its strong Hip-hop style, being one of the few companies that allow artists to develop their individuality and emphasize distinctive rap styles. However, with BABYMONSTER, vocal performance takes precedence.

Ahyeon, who stood out as a prominent trainee since the announcement, showcased her balanced skills in singing, rapping, and dancing, once again shining through her powerful vocals and natural English pronunciation. 

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Pharita captures fans’ hearts with her youthful energy. Haram and Rora’s vocals both have unique qualities that distinguish BABYMONSTER from previous YG groups. Asa and Ruka handle the rap lines, delivering emotionally-charged verses and showcasing their English fluency, despite being rookies.

After the release of “Dream,” fans and netizens alik were full of praise for BABYMONSTER’s pre-debut performance. The song evokes a sense of excitement and genuine emotions as the girls gradually approach their dreams.

Netizens’ reactions:

  • Their vocals are amazing. BABYMONSTER, good luck on your debut!
  • Beautiful vocals and the song’s melody is great too. The lyrics are like a confession of the seven members about their journey towards their dreams, shining on the stage.
  • The more I listen, the more I appreciate Rora and Haram’s vocals. The group is really strong in terms of vocals. As for rap, I like Ruka’s tone, but Asa also has great skills. Each member has their own unique dance style.
  • I feel so touched by the lyrics of Dream. 
  • Haram and Ahyeon have the best singing voices. Asa’s rap is no joke 

Source: Youtube, K14. 

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