Identity of the actress who visited the US with Park Eun Bin 15 years ago

Park Eun Bin and this actress have known each other for a long time! 

Both Park Eun Bin and Nam Ji Hyun are former child stars. Park Eun Bin debuted in 1996 as a children’s clothing model. In 2001, Nam Ji Hyun entered the entertainment industry through a variety show. 

park eun bin nam ji hyun

Each of them later actively engaged in activities as child actresses. In fact, in the 2007 SBS’s drama “Lobbyist”, they starred as sisters. 

One of the drama’s shooting locations was in the US. Therefore, the two traveled to New York together. They took adorable photos together under the Statue of Liberty. It looks like they were there on vacation instead of work. 

park eun bin nam ji hyun

Two years later, they both appeared in MBC’s historical drama “Queen Seondeok”. 

Although they were active as actresses, Park Eun Bin and Nam Ji Hyun did not skip their studies. They enrolled in the psychology department at the same university. Park Eun Bin was in the class of 2011 and Nam Ji Hyun was in the class of 2014. 

While continuing their college life, they continued to build up their filmography with quality works. Park Eun Bin starred in “Stove League”, “Do you like Brahms?“, “The King’s Affection”, and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Nam Ji Hyun took on roles in “Suspicious Partner”, “100 Days My Prince”, “365: Repeat the Year”, and “Little Women”. 

Every time they star in a new drama, the two actresses challenge themselves with a new genre, proving their acting range. Both Park Eun Bin and Nam Ji Hyun are known as “actors whom you can trust and watch”, “actors with a good eye for scripts”. 

Viewers are looking forward to seeing them joining the same cast lineup again in the future! 

Source: daum

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