“I want to collaborate with IU and CL,” what Hyolyn, the duet king of “Double Trouble,” wishes for

Singer Hyolyn dreamed of collaborating with IU and CL.

Earlier, Hyolyn won first place with the “Adult Ceremony” duet stage with Kim Jun-su in Watcha’s “Double Trouble,” which ended in March, winning 100 million won in prize money, marking the birth of an unrivaled “Duet King.” In particular, Hyolyn donated to charity all 100 million won of the prize money, under not only her fandom but also the name of Kim Jun-su’s fandom, showing off her warm appearance.

Hyo-rin’s performance in “Double Trouble” was explosive from the first episode. Hyolyn showed off a one-of-a-kind perfect harmony with 2AM Lim Seul-ong by singing Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream.” In this regard, Hyolyn said, “He was the most comfortable because he had more years of experience than I did. I was reassured by the thought that “He doesn’t have all those experiences for nothing. I had had a hard time because I had to pay attention to this and that because I ran a one-man agency, but I had a lot of fun because Seul-ong helped me a lot,” she said, expressing her feelings about working with Lim Seul-ong.


Hyolyn’s second duet partner in “Double Trouble” was Block B Taeil. They selected Davichi’s “8282” and started with a calm melody, but in the second half, they gave a twist with a full band sound arrangement. Hyolyn said of Block B’s Taeil, “He’s the same age as me. We immediately talked like friends with each other Also, Taeil and I like the same music genre. We had a happy time just listening to and talking to each other’s favorite music,” she said.

Hyolyn’s third duet was with Kim Jun-su, who won the “Double Trouble” trophy. Hyolyn said, “He’s such a good dancer and singer. Jun-su said it was his first time doing a music broadcast in more than a decade. I was happy that our duet went well right from the preparation process. Jun-su understood me well and made me realize the picture I wanted,” she praised Kim Jun-su’s musical ability.


Her chemistry with junior male idols is also indispensable. Hyolyn sang with SF9 In-seong S#arp’s “My Lips Are Like Warm Coffee,” with WEi Kim Dong-han Sechskies’ “The Way This Guy Lives,” captivated both the joy of listening and the fun of watching.

“SF9 In-seong is really fun. I think he has an energy that makes people feel good. He’s a person who gives positive and bright energy to people around him. WEi Kim Dong Han is a great dancer, but he’s not just a good dancer, he has the ability to make every sound of the instrument come alive. It was fun because he was greedy to improve his vocals and had a good personality.”

Hyolyn showed fantastic chemistry with all five artists through “Double Trouble”. In particular, when Hyolyn appeared in photoshoot interviews and radio shows in the past, she said, “I want to work with this person. Since they have things that I don’t have, I think they’ll bring it out of me when we do it together. I hoped for a collaboration with IU,” she said so in the past. Then who does Hyolyn want to do a new duet performance with at the moment?

“I couldn’t contact IU because I didn’t have any connection with her, but I think I left a direct message on her SNS. I think it’d be nice to work with CL. I actually have a connection with CL. But since we have our own plans, it’s not easy to match our schedule, so I want to work with her if I have a chance.”

Source: Daum

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