Goo Hye Sun’s past remark about dating and men re-examined after her latest SNS caption about a breakup 

Goo Hye Sun said she broke up with her boyfriend on her recent Instagram post. What does this mean?  

On May 12th, Goo Hye Sun posted several photos and a video on her Instagram with the caption, “I broke up with my boyfriend…”. The photos and video show Goo Hye Sun staring somewhere with a faint look and sad expression. 

Fans who saw this post showed worried reactions such as “What’s going on?” and “Don’t cry.” However, the photos were actually taken during Goo Hye Sun’s CF shooting for homeware brand TRY for which she is a model and director. 

Goo Hye Sun

Previously, through her Instagram, Goo Hye Sun also shared behind-the-scenes moments of her planning, directing, and filming for the CF. She posted photos and videos of how she monitored and exchanged opinions with the staff. She boasted a professional appearance of a director and model. Moreover, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut, she recently released the Piano New Age Best Album. Goo Hye Sun’s song will be inserted into the CF that she took part in planning, directing, and editing.

Goo Hye Sun

What stood out the most was the caption left by Goo Hye Sun. It was because she revealed several dreamy images together with the text “I broke up with my boyfriend…”. This reminds netizens of what Goo Hye Sun said on a program last year. Appearing on “Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin” in February last year, Goo Hye Sun confessed, “I date a lot. There are always men around me. I once went to the filming site and was the only woman among 50 people there”. She added, “Love is happiness. I’m in love right now. I think that person likes me. If you don’t have anything or anyone to love, you will look so lethargic. Love makes us feel life is worth living”.

Goo Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun also talked about the man she was interested in on “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”. She explained, “Ever since I appeared on ‘Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin’, article headlines about me have been all about ‘dating’. People are really thinking that I’m in a relationship with someone”, adding, “I’m not yet in a relationship, I was just expressing my feelings to that person. He has just appeared in my life. I’m trying my best.” She continued, “Don’t people date by promising times and places together? I’m in that process right now. I’m just being careful that this relationship might not work out. I think he doesn’t even know that he is being talked about”.

Goo Hye Sun is one of the celebrities who make the best use of SNS. She has many followers and often reveals her thoughts through SNS without hesitation. This time she posted “I broke up with my boyfriend…”, making people wonder whether it is only for a promotion or a metaphor to refer to the relationship she carefully revealed before. Goo Hye Sun is attracting huge attention and arousing great interest with this ambiguous text. Therefore, if it is truly just a promotion, her method seems to have succeeded.

Source: Daum

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