A female celebrity who showed her unconventional airport fashion at Incheon International Airport

On May 13th, a famous female idol showed her unconventional airport fashion.

It was a bold revealing outfit in which the underwear was visible from behind.

The main character who showed her unconventional airport fashion is Soyeon (Jeon So-yeon), a member of the group (G)I-DLE.


(G)I-DLE members departed for Frankfurt, Germany via Incheon International Airport on the morning of May 13th to attend the K-pop concert “K-pop Flex”.


(G)I-DLE members appeared in front of reporters in attractive airport fashion.


Among them, Soyeon was the one who received the most attention. Soyeon wore a khaki “see-through costume”. It was simply unconventional. There was a huge “twist” on the back of the costume.

There was nothing on the back of Soyeon’s see-through costume except for two straps. It was a revealing outfit that exposed underwear. The bra Soyeon was wearing at the time was revealed.


People at Incheon International Airport could not take their eyes off Soyeon’s unconventional outfit. Netizens also praised Soyeon’s bold and attractive fashion.

Born in 1998, Soyeon is the leader and main rapper of (G)I-DLE. According to her profile, she is 157 cm tall and weighs 44 kg. She is loved by fans for her overflowing charm.

The following is Soyeon’s unconventional airport fashion video (gif).


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