“I spent about 20 billion won”… Im Chang-jung’s investment in the production of girl group mimiirose? → Netizens re-examine his property

Singer Im Chang-jung drew attention as he mentioned the amount of money he spent on producing the girl group mimiirose.

Recently, the video titled “I spent XXX billion on raising mimiirose!!! Let us introduce the five daughters of Im Chang-jung | Hami Business Ep.1 | mimiirose | Chang Jung Im” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “1theK Originals”.

The released video showed Im Chang-jung having a content meeting with mimiirose members.

When the production team asked, “How much money did you spend in investments for gathering these members?”, Im Chang-jung said, “Showing the numbers would make people show adverse reactions, let’s keep it a secret between us”.

Im Chang-jung then shocked everyone as he confessed, “2.5 billion won on XX, XX billion won in the past, and several billion won I earned from concerts. Approximately 20 billion won has disappeared”.

In fact, Im Chang-jung is currently raising 5 sons after his remarriage with his current wife Seo Ha-yan. In particular, he is taking care of three sons he had with his ex-wife Kim and two sons of Seo Ha-yan.

Im Chang-jung runs jokbal restaurants named after him in Gangnam, Seoul, Munjeong, Bucheon, Cheongdam, Hwagok, Dangsan, Daegu, Pohang, and Jeju Island. In addition, he is the owner of a pub franchise in 30 places.

He also established a training center in Nonhyeon-dong and an entertainment agency. Im Chang-jung’s entertainment company building is located in Paju and is known to have been purchased for 5 billion won. 

Source: nate

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