“I don’t understand what they say…” Jessica’s struggle during her first appearance on a Chinese variety show

“I’m a singer, and I’m not that young anymore.”

Jessica revealed the reason for her participation in the Chinese audition program. Jessica appeared on the first broadcast of season 3 of Chinese Mango TV’s “Sister Who Make Waves,” which aired on May 20th.

In this episode was the first time 28 participants met each other. Each participant revealed the reason for their participation through a short interview before gathering in the studio to greet everyone for the first time.

Jessica Jung

Jessica appeared as the 12th contestant. Introduced as a singer, actress and designer, she said in poor Chinese on her way to the recording site, “I’m very nervous about meeting the sisters today finally.” In a personal interview that followed, Jessica guessed, “Because I’m a former singer, and I’m not very young anymore,” when asked by the production team, “Have you thought about why we invited you to this show?” Jessica then expressed her confidence, saying, “My voice is unique, and I can dance to any dance.”

Jessica Jung

Aside from the confidence in her main job, Jessica rarely mingles with other participants in the studio. Because all participants speak Chinese except Jessica. The production team even put the “I don’t understand what they say” subtitle on Jessica’s head.

Jessica Jung

Meanwhile, the Chinese popular entertainment show “Sisters Who Make Waves” is a program in which female stars in their 30s and older make their re-debut as a girl group through fierce competition, and in addition to Jessica, Gillian Chung, a member of the Hong Kong girl group Twins, also participates and competes with Jessica.

Source: Daum

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