Hyoyeon, “Girls’ Generation members are not curious about each other’s individual activities. We call once every 6 months”

Hyoyeon talked about her friendship with Girls’ Generation members.

The August 29th broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s radio “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” featured the guest appearance of Hyoyeon, who recently made a comeback with the song “Picture”.


When a radio listener asked, “Did you talk with the members during the album preparation?”. In response, Hyoyeon honestly said, “There are many members and each of us has lots of individual schedules. That’s why we are not really curious about what each person is doing.”

She continued, “While preparing for my solo song, I didn’t say anything to them. After the song was released, I asked them to promote it but there was no feedback”, drawing laughter.

When asked, “Who will answer your phone immediately?”, Hyoyeon replied, “Tiffany or Sooyoung”. Lee Eun Ji then wondered, “Do you guys often call each other?”, Hyoyeon frankly said, “To be honest, should I say we call once every six months?”, causing a sea of laughter at the radio studio.


Hyoyeon then introduced her new song “Picture”. She shared, “I chose another title song at first but this song kept repeating in my head”, showing confidence that this is the best among all the songs she has released so far.

As the main dancer of Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon also impressed everyone with her dance skills and ability to memorize choreographies quickly. Regarding “Picture” choreography, Hyoyeon said, “There were some regretful parts that made me feel unsatisfied so I practiced them again yesterday”, adding that she has been working hard on dance practices.

Source: Daum

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