HYBE Labels Take Legal Stand Against Artists’ Rights Infringement, No Tolerance for Malicious Acts

On December 29th, six labels under HYBE, through various artists’ Weverse and social media channels, collectively announced cases of rights infringement and the corresponding legal responses.

HYBE emphasizes its commitment to regular legal actions, stating it will hold wrongdoers accountable under the principle of zero tolerance for unlawful acts.

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The announced cases of rights infringement include malicious posts, threats to artists’ safety and privacy, identity theft, personal information leaks, and harmful comments on live communication channels.

HYBE artists such as Baekho, Hwang Minhyun, BTS, SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, and &TEAM, among others, collectively shared the notice.

A HYBE representative explains that while artists are subject to criticism and scrutiny as public figures, they should be respected and protected as individuals.

HYBE conducts regular legal actions, utilizing fan reports and its monitoring system to collect cases, covering all channels, even deleted posts.

HYBE’s monitoring system, inclusive of social media and online communities, detects content related to defamation, insults, harassment, false information, and malicious accusations against artists.


In the second half of the year, Big Hit Music, managed by HYBE, witnessed a significant increase in legal actions against those spreading malicious rumors about TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

Many harassers face criminal prosecution; Pledis Entertainment sued a suspect repeatedly posting highly malicious content about fromis_9, resulting in a fine of 3 million won.

HYBE vows to take stricter actions against those targeting ENHYPEN and NewJeans, especially concerning sexual humiliation, hate speech, and harassment against underage members.

HYBE warns of legal consequences for ‘sasaeng’ fans seriously infringing on artists’ privacy, such as sending mail and parcels to BTS member homes, resulting in criminal penalties under stalking laws.

HYBE Japan monitors and takes actions against acts infringing on the rights of its artists and teams, deleting malicious content.


A HYBE representative stresses the importance of a healthy fandom culture for K-pop’s global popularity and emphasizes the need for the disappearance of problematic hate comments and blind criticism.

Since 2018, HYBE has regularly announced progress and punishment details regarding legal actions against rights infringement for each artist.

Source: daum

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