How An Yu Jin, famous among fans for her bad chopsticks skill, changed thanks to the effect of “money”

An Yu Jin, the leader of girl group IVE, perfectly fixed how she uses chopsticks thanks to the effect of “money”.

While promoting as a member of IZ*ONE, An Yu Jin once appeared on MBC’s “My Little Television.” Fans were surprised to see her clenched fists while using chopsticks on the show.

Ahn Yu-jin eating

After her re-debut with IVE, An Yu Jin was still seen holding the chopsticks with her fist on SBS’s “Alley Restaurant”. An Yu Jin’s unique way of using chopsticks was quite a hot topic in various online communities then.

Ahn Yu-jin eating

However, An Yu Jin completely fixed her chopstick skills after filming an advertisement for Dongwon Tuna in August last year. An Yu Jin appeared in the commercial video, where she ate tuna while using chopsticks in the right way. In addition, the behind-the-scenes video also revealed how An Yu Jin indeed used chopsticks properly throughout the filming.

Ahn Yu-jin eating

Since then, An Yu Jin has abandoned all her past habits and used chopsticks in the right way on tvN’s “Earth Arcade.”

After realizing how An Yu Jin fix her way of using chopsticks after filming the advertisement, many netizens responded, “This is what we call ‘financial treatment’,” “It looks much better now that she changed her way of using chopsticks,” and “Money is better than home education.

Ahn Yu-jin eating

Meanwhile, An Yu Jin, the leader of IVE, is actively promoting in various entertainment programs, proving herself as a promising entertainment star of the next generation.

Source: Insight

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