Honey Lee “I felt like I gave birth to a sweet potato”

Actress Honey Lee reveals the behind-the-scenes story of her childbirth.

A preview for the next episode appeared on the Jan 11th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”. The preview video drew attention with Honey Lee’s appearance. Honey Lee, who married a non-celebrity man in 2021, gave birth to a daughter in June last year.

Honey Lee introduced her “gukak (Korean Traditional Music) family” and said, “I had nightmares until the age of 35~36 because I have a mother and an older sister who are ‘out of this world’.

Honey Lee went on to say, “I liked going out since I was very young, so I got a lot of rewards. I like the energy of dancing. I was a graduate student during the day, and a dancer at night.” The story of 2NE1 trainees and the rumor that she gave birth after dancing until dawn will also be unveiled.

Honey Lee shared the behind-the-scenes story of her childbirth, “I asked my husband, ‘Did you film it?’ I felt like I gave birth to a sweet potato. As soon as I gave birth to my child, I wondered if I could do anything more complete than this.” She is also expected to talk about her changed life as a mother.

Meanwhile, “You Quiz on the Block” featuring Honey Lee as a guest will air on Jan 18th.

Source: Daum

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