30-year-old Jung Eun Ji, “Degenerative arthritis due to Apink dance, I’m worried about the members when they get older”

Apink member Jung Eun Ji revealed that she is suffering from degenerative arthritis.

On MBC’s variety show “Radio Star”, which aired on January 11th, Jung Eun Ji said, “It’s already the 12th anniversary of Apink’s debut.” When asked, “Is there a moment when you feel that you are getting older?”, Jung Eun Ji confided, “I felt a little bit before, not as soon as I turned 30. After Apink’s concert, I need a pain relief patch and a massage.”

Jung Eun Ji confessed, “(After dancing), there is no part that doesn’t hurt. When I performed ‘NoNoNo,’ I had no tact. There is a choreography where you move while shaking the waist, and my limbs were twisted due to the aftereffects.”

She continued, “I was told that I already have degenerative arthritis because I did the dance with only strength. Since I ran around the stage and shook my body, the shock must have been too strong.”

She added, “Namjoo (the youngest member of Apink) also had a neck disc from an early age and is undergoing manual treatment, so I’m worried about what will happen to the members when they get older.”

The MCs joked, “Later on, just release an acoustic version,” making everyone laugh.

Source: Wikitree. 

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